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Project Description

Galahad Rocket Lance

So the Coercion combine had a really old rocket lance a couple years ago that was not up to today’s meshing snuff. so I had decided that i’d actually redo it, clean it up a bit, and change the function a little bit. So this is of course a lance. The rockets in the back are to either launch the lance at an enemy, or to propel the wielder forward to impale.

Stryker Gauss Shotgun

So this was probably the first model i’ve ever been proud of and wanted to post anywhere. I had originally finished this project in mid to late 2013. The model was done in 3ds Max, and then mediculously painted over in mudbox. Unfortunately on these models in the coercion combine album, i will skip the normal mapping process in an effort to save time, and instead i’d do a diffuse based normal map (I know its lazy)

Dreadfire ManPads

I was tasked to come up with an idea for a collapsable 4 barreled rocket launcher. This is it really.
made for the coercion combine yet again.
I made this with roughly 4 hours of work using maya, and mudbox. at this time i didn’t know how to use substance painter, or do a lot of things really, however i managed with non-pbr textures. Think i did alright, but this again is very old.

“Cren Magnum” Thermite Pistol

This project took 2 hours total. The idea behind this gun was to design a pistol with thermite infused rounds, and so the canisters do some really sciency stuff to the rounds as they come out of the barrel. The model and concept were both done on the fly. I have been trying to do a model/texture a day, and I liked the concept for this one so I decided to post it.

Thermite is very hot.