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Project Description

God’s Right Hand

So this project started out a year ago back when I didn’t really know how to paint weights to rig the hands properly, so the first pass of it was incredibly Wonky. But luckily Full Sail gave all the students an opportunity this month to “show everybody what you can do” and so I scrapped the old version, and decided to start it fresh.
A brief description of the sword:
Greatsword inspired heavily by dark souls type concepts. The hilt covered in aged hands in strained poses, grabbing onto each other in an attempt to fight for whoever gets to hold the blade. And for the pommel, two hands Facing the opposite direction and away from the others holding each other.
I did the modeling, UVs, and rigging and posing for hands in Maya 2017
Ambient Occlusion baked, and some modeling done in 3ds max
Mudbox, for normals/high poly models
Substance for textures, and rendered in substance’s Iray.
photoshop for simpler UVs and mask creations such as the runes on the altar, and the insignia on the banner.